Creating spiritual Opportunities


"There are many ideas on how to gain a greater connection to Yiddishkeit.

EMVH is on a mission to bring those ideas and concepts to life."


EMVH is a non-profit organization whose vision is to create resources and tools to enhance our mitzvos


Many people are at a loss on where to begin regarding understanding and accomplishing more with their mitzvos, or integrating what they have learned about them. They do not have a place which provides them with an all-year-long structure about the mitzvos they enjoy and are already doing.


EMVH is here to address that need. The vision is to give the klal the opportunity to connect more, and sometimes even better yet; own a mitzvah or topic which speaks to them. 

EMVH has thus far created many useful tools, with much in mind for the future. People are slowly coming to know that if they have an idea, they can direct it to us and we will try, using our resources and team, to create the ideas to provide for the klal.


Keeping with our name, Emor Miat Viaseh Harbeh, we’d like to continuously be accomplishing and creating,

Be'ezras Hashem.

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Prepare Krias Hatorah
with these professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered tracks.


See our cards made to enhance you daily Avodas Hashem!

Prepare Nusach Hatefila 
with these professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered tracks.

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How to videos on all areas of jewish life!

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Write your thoughts and notes side by side of your favorite sefarim and make the Torah your own!


Children's kits to enhance understanding of Mitzvos and Halachos

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Praise For Our Projects


Rav Elya Brudny

Rosh Yeshiva

Mir Brooklyn 

There are many boys that can tremendously gain from one-on-one attention in general, and especially in these times. 


Rav Chaim Zvi Senter

Rosh Yeshiva

Aderes Hatorah

This is the most amazing solution in response to the challenges we are facing these days...


Rav Shragi Kallus

Rosh Kollel

2nd Seder Kollel

The Chavrusa Project is a fabulous fabulous fabulous idea…