Your child can maintain his learning schedule during COVID-19!

Project Chavrusa from EMVH is a platform where parents can hire Yungerleit to learn with their son b’chavrusa via audio-visual teleconferencing technology. Whether your child would like to learn mishnayos, do his homework, or learn something else, you can simply book a session with the chavrusa of your choice that you feel is best suited for him. We provide references for each yungerman on our platform so that you can inquire about him and make sure that he is the perfect fit as a chavrusa for your son. You will breathe easier knowing that your son will have a personal mashpia to help him learn and grow over these difficult times.

  • One-on-one learning with a chavrusa via a teleconferencing platform

    30 min


Rav Shragi Kallus

Rosh kollel, 2nd Seder Kollel

The Chavrusa Project is a fabulous fabulous fabulous idea… 

Rav Yosef Elefant 

Maggid Shiur, Mir 

I think this is a wonderful idea. Having a platform with Yungerleit and Rabbeim available, for boys to be able to learn one-on-one, is filling a tremendous need...

Rav Nissim Abrin, Rav,

Bais Avraham, Beachwood, OH

The Chavrusa Project will help your children with their school work and help them continue to thrive...

Rav Shmuel Weiner

Rav, ZNT, Yerushalayim

Hashem loves the Torah learned by children, so this opportunity will bring a zechus for all of Klal Yisrael.

Rav Elya Brudny

Rosh Yeshiva, Mir Brooklyn 

There are many boys that can tremendously gain from one-on-one attention in general, and especially in these times. 

Rav Chaim Zvi Senter

Rosh Yeshiva Aderes Hatorah

This is the most amazing solution in response to the challenges we are facing these days... 

Our Available Chavrusos


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