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Maggid Shiur

Rabbi Yechezkel Kein is a veteran mohel with over 20 years of experience, specializing in the field of teaching Milah. Rabbi Kein has taught hundreds of students, both in Israel and abroad. He has been awarded the special title of מוהל מומחה (expert mohel) by the Supervisory Committee of Mohalim of the Chief Rabbinate and the Ministry of Health of Israel. This is a title that is only awarded to a limited number of mohalim from among hundreds of practicing mohalim in Israel.

​The exceptional reputation of the students who have been trained by Rabbi Yechezkel Kein, as expert and nimble mohalim, has spread worldwide. This is thanks to the unique and practical training method developed by Rabbi Kein throughout the years.

If you too want to be a professional mohel of recognized stature, then this course is for you! 

What you will learn in the course


  • Hands-on demonstrations on exclusive, one-of-a-kind models

  • Detailed slides & videos on each topic of milah with explanations and commentary from Rabbi Kain

  • Complete Medical knowledge of everything that affects the Bris Milah

  • The keilim used vs. the keilim that isn't used

  • Bandages - what is used, how & why,

  • Secret medical potions


  • What is a kosher bris? What is not a kosher bris?

  • Hatafas dam

  • Delayed bris

  • Dangerous brissim

  • Adults

  • Tzitzin


  • The world of mohalim

  • Dealing with different communities & minhagim

  • Metzitza b'peh controversy

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