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This Year Make Your Haggadah Your Own. 

This הגדה של פסח gives you the platform to become

the author of your own chapter in Torah!

The lined pages are here for you to write down your thoughts

and insights on the Haggadah and any vortlach that you hear or learn,

that speaks to you.

Unfortunately, there are those that hold back from writing down their own questions,

thoughts, הערות, and דיוקים because they don’t value and appreciate their own Torah.


The truth is to the contrary: The Torah that YOU work on becomes a part of you,

and will only create a greater love for Hashem and his Torah.

Torah that is yours will become alive to you and is truly כי הם חיינו.

Through the Ten Plagues, the Egyptians and the Jews were forced to realize that all of nature has another level to it – a spiritual level. Everyone came to understand that God           runs  everything and all of it can change. The plagues touched every aspect of the physical world, starting with the  lowest  forms and working higher.                                

The plague of blood affected "water." The next plague was frogs – creatures who live in the water then come onto dry land. Then lice infested the dirt. Then came wild animals – a higher form of species. Then pestilence hit the cattle. The next plague already affected human beings – boils appeared on their skin. Hail is higher still – coming from the sky. Locusts are animals of the sky. Then darkness affects the basis of life – light and dark. Finally, the killing of the first born took the soul.                                                                   



your seder.


Rav Aharon David

R"m, Yeshivas Mir Yerushalayim

דבר גדול לכתוב כל אחד הערות שלו וביאורים שלו על הגדה של פסח, ועל ידי זה ההגדה חי (alive) לך ולמשפחה. 


Rav Shmuel Weiner

Rav, Zichron Nosson Tzvi

This Haggadah presents an opportunity for all to prepare for this great mitzvah with their own original and unique way of excitement. I personally will take advantage of using this Haggadah when preparing for my seder.


Rav Shragi Kallus

Rosh Kollel, Second Seder Kollel

The Chasam Sofer used to personally set up the Seder table before יו״ט. This Haggadah is certainly a personal “setting up” for the seder!

What Rabbanim are saying