Say little, and do a lot

"EMVH was established to create spiritual opportunities" 

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Prepare Nusach Hatefila and Krias Hatorah with these professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered tracks.

Write your thoughts and notes side by side of your favorite sefarim and make the Torah your own!

Hire one of our chashuve Yungerliet to learn with your son via audiovisual teleconferencing technology. 

"There are many ideas on how to gain a greater connection to Yiddishkeit.

EMVH is on a mission to bring those ideas and concepts to life."


EMVH is a non-profit organization whose vision is to create spiritual opportunities by creating products and 

tools to do so. Our products are quite diverse, to enable and ease our connection to mitzvos.

There are many interesting areas in Avodas Hashem that are exciting to learn about and master.

Certain topics will interest one individual while other topics will interest another.


For example, some may want to learn about Shchita L’maysah,

and some will find learning Safrus to be more their style.


Many people are at a loss on where to begin. They do not know whom to ask about learning these topics,

or how much time, effort, and expense they will incur throughout the process.


EMVH is here to address that need. 

EMVH has many more products on the horizon and people are slowly coming to know that if they

have an idea, they can direct it to us and we will try using our resources to create the ideas.


If you have an idea, we are the place for it.

Keeping with our name, emor miat viaseh harbeh, we’d like to continuously be accomplishing and creating,

Beezras Hashem.

Do you have a project, or an idea that you think could be beneficial to others but never had the opportunity to make it happen? Join ThinkTank.
Support ThinkTank and other EMVH Projects,
and take part in the mission to create spiritual opportunities.  

Rav Elya Brudny

Rosh Yeshiva

Mir Brooklyn 

There are many boys that can tremendously gain from one-on-one attention in general, and especially in these times. 


Rav Chaim Zvi Senter

Rosh Yeshiva

Aderes Hatorah

This is the most amazing solution in response to the challenges we are facing these days...


Rav Shragi Kallus

Rosh Kollel

2nd Seder Kollel

The Chavrusa Project is a fabulous fabulous fabulous idea…